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64keys decodes the matrix of life

64keys can help you to:
- better understand yourself and others,
- build your partnerships and relationships in a more conscious way,
- individually support children and young people.

As a professional tool, 64keys is used in many areas, like Coaching,
for Talent Development, in Team Building, Recruiting, Organizational Development and many more.

What users say ...

64keys is an invaluable tool for private use.
And entrepreneurs, coaches and HR-consultants also love 64keys.

‘The key is free‘

64keys is a Software Portal that enables you to immerse yourself into this knowledge as much as you like.

The Source: The Human Design Matrix

A mystical experience that led to a practical application for everyone.

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Overview of 64keys versions:

Price per year 2 months free € 180,- € 360,- € 1.080,-
Recommended for everyone who wants to try out private users private users, Coaches, Consultants etc. Entrepreneurs, HR-Experts, Sports Coaches etc.
Managing any number
of 64keys profiles
Analyse Force-Fields
Download of Force-Fields
Switch to Spanish and German
Interactive Wheel/Mandala display
and PDF download
Extended Business-Analyses - -
Life Cycles (Returns) - -
Family-Analyses - -
Team-Analyses - - -
Analyses of Organizations incl. Line-Ups - - -
Download of the"GeniusReport"
(10 Pages, PDF)
€ 36,- each

€ 36,- each

€ 30,- each
Download of Force-Field-Analyses
(34 Pages, PDF) Sample Analysis Arnold S.

€ 79,- each

€ 45,- each

€ 45,- each

€ 36,- each
Design Module
(Creation of Chart and Wheel Graphics)
- -
Participation in the free
monthly online meetings

What our customers say:

"Congratulations, I can only guess how much work you have put into 64keys. You won't find all those features and texts in any other human design software.“

"64keys is not only the best HumanDesign software but a real gamechanger for this incredible knowledge!“

"If you want to use HumanDesign professionally, there is no way around 64keys. It's really premium class.“

"With 64keys it is easy to convince even skeptical customers."

"I've been using the PRO version for 4 months now, and it's really amazing how precisely the dynamics in teams are represented in 64keys.“

If you like 64keys, you can upgrade to a higher version at any time.

Further Information

The Facebook-Group "64keys" serves for exchanging information between 64keys users.
Take part in the conversation by joining the group.

The GeniusReport is an analysis of talents, potentials and personality based on 64keys. You can get your GeniusReport at