General Terms and Conditions of Use for (Valid from March, 2023):

These GTC apply to the use of by persons, hereinafter referred to as "Users", who are provided with an account by 64keys Media GmbH, hereinafter referred to as "64keys".

User can only be a natural person. Each user is personally liable for compliance with these terms and conditions of use. The user is obliged to provide his real first and last name when registering.

General information is operated and offered by 64keys Media GmbH, A-8984 Bad Mitterndorf, Commercial Register FN 385098x, Managing Director: Andreas Ebhart. 64keys Media GmbH is a limited liability company incorporated under Austrian law.

64keys is used to create force field representations and analyses based on birth times according to the 64keys calculation algorithm using the Swiss Ephemeres. offers are hosted on a European server in a professional data center. Concerning availability, data security and warranty, the general terms and conditions of the respective data center or provider (currently apply. Beyond that, no obligations concerning the availability of 64keys exist towards the user.

1. Data Protection

All data and information on data records that the user enters in 64 keys is only available to himself and no other user. Only data created with the "VIP" button is available to all users. Only "persons of public interest" whose birth data are publicly accessible (e.g. Wikipedia entries) may be created as VIPs. Data transmission between the user and the 64keys server is always encrypted in the https standard.

2. Rights and Obligations of the User

The user has the right to use the services of 64keys personally.

The user commits to define a secure password for his account. Every user is obliged to comply with all provisions of the currently valid data protection law regarding persons whose data he enters in the 64keys database and to obtain the consent for the storage of personal data from the data subject. If the user uses 64keys commercially or as an entrepreneur, the general data protection regulation GDPR of the EU must also be observed. According to the GPDR, a commercial user within the EU is obliged to conclude an order data processing agreement with 64 keys.This agreement is available at the "User-Pref".

In the event of a violation of the applicable data protection law on his part, the user declares to indemnify and hold 64 keys harmless against third parties in this respect. 64keys is not liable for data protection violations caused by the user or the use of the 64keys portal by the user.

3. Copyright

The user acknowledges all copyrights of 64keys to calculation algorithms, texts, display formats, analysis methods etc. Texts and graphics from 64keys may be used in extracts (e.g. on your website) according to the "creative commons" principle, provided they remain unchanged and is indicated as the author (CC BY-ND). Likewise, PDF files generated with 64keys may be used and distributed, provided that they remain unchanged. It is expressly prohibited to create, circulate or sell any other written analysis using 64keys text or graphics.

4. Use

The user is only entitled to use the services of personally. The user is expressly forbidden to pass on the access data of his user account to third parties, or to enable or permit the use of 64keys by third parties. If the user violates these regulations he is fully liable for damages towards 64keys. Violation of this provision may also result in immediate deactivation of the account.

The 64keys-Account is currently (from 2023) available to the user for an unlimited period of time and free of charge. 64keys reserves the right to change the unlimited or free use at a later date and after prior notice. The user has no legal claim to the free and unlimited use of 64keys.

5. Rights and obligations from 64keys

64keys undertakes to create regular data backups and to ensure secure data transfer between user and server in the https standard and not to pass on or otherwise use all or part of the data to third parties. 64keys accepts no liability for data loss or data protection violations caused by circumstances beyond its control (e.g. illegal hacking by third parties).

Planned maintenance work on the server, resulting in an interruption of availability of more than 4 hours, will be announced by 64keys at least 24 hours in advance.

6. Usage Period

The use of 64keys is currently free of charge and unlimited in time. Additional bookable function extensions are granted for the period specified in the respective order/invoice. The use of 64 keys is not an automatically renewing subscription. This means that the use must be explicitly ordered and paid for by the user. 64keys will never charge the user for anything that the user does not order and pay for himself. If the fees for subscriptions change, 64keys will announce that to the user at least 30 days before they come into effect.

7. Payment Data

64keys does not store any payment data (e.g. credit card data) of the user, because all payments are always processed via a payment provider and the user only enters his payment data at the payment provider (currently "Unzer").

8. Account Upgrade

If a user wishes to upgrade to a higher account during a usage period, the aliquot amount will be credited for the unused period of the previous account.

9. Download of fee-based Analyses

Fee-based analyses are available for download as PDF-files for the user of 64keys. These services are not included in the account price. The price for each download is specified in a dialog box and is to be paid by the user in advance. Thus a binding purchase is made. Purchases by mistake, e.g. in the case of the creation of an analysis on the basis of false data, are the responsibility of the user. A new download of an analysis is only free of charge if the birth date (day) of each client remains the same.

10. Termination of use

If the user does not want to use his 64keys account anymore, he can request the deletion of the account including all data by sending an email to If a user does not use his FREE account for more than 6 months, the account will become inactive and the data in the account will be deleted.

11. Media Library

The libraries in the media library are available to the user for an unlimited period of time as soon as they have been purchased by him. The videos in the media library are protected by copyright and are intended for personal viewing by the user only. Any presentation, duplication or other making available to third parties is prohibited.

12. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Use

64keys is entitled to change the terms and conditions of use after prior notice. Changes to the GTC apply from the time the user extends the use.

13. Prices and Value Added Tax

All prices on are gross prices, i.e. they contain the applicable value-added tax as to the law. The value-added tax rate is calculated according to the legal provisions concerning electronic services based on the location of the user.

If a user is also a business owner with their seat in the European Union and has a VAT number, they are obliged to indicate it in their invoice data on this case, for enterprises a VAT rate of 0% applies (reverse charge for intra-Community services within the EU).
For entrepreneurs in Austria (the seat of 64keys) the VAT rate is 20%.
For users in Switzerland, the invoice amounts include 7.7.% VAT.
For other users outside the EU, the invoice amounts do not include VAT.

14. Austrian law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of 64keys Media GmbH.