Questions regarding Human Design

What is Human Design based on?

Human Design is based on 'transmitted' knowledge received by a Canadian named Robert A. Krakower (Ra Uru Hu) during an eight-day 'mystical experience' on the island of Ibiza in 1987. No, he did not actively channel this knowledge, as is often claimed. It was 'implanted' in him by a voice without his intervention. According to his narration, the voice simply asked him: "Are you ready to work?"

Is Human Design a Sect?

Neither astrology nor Human Design is a sect, as neither is a belief system and neither prescribes anything to people. After the death of Ra Uru Hu, there is no relevant organisation that stands behind Human Design or promotes or controls its dissemination. Human Design can be used, interpreted, developed and taught by anyone.

Is 'Human Design' protected or protectable as a trademark?

'Human Design' cannot be protected as a trademark, nor can the method of calculation be protected. The Human Design is - as a mathematical formula - free knowledge and there is no legal basis for restrictions, licensing or certification, even if this is falsely claimed by some. Of course, the Human Design is also subject to copyright and competition law with regard to the use of texts, images, presentations, audio and video.

What is the difference between the "Human Design System" and the "Human Design Matrix"?

The founder and transmitter of this knowledge called it the 'Human Design System'. Components of the 'system' are behavioural recommendations for people depending on their individual design. However, depending on a person's world view, current zeitgeist and level of consciousness, these recommendations or strategies can be experienced as more or less helpful. This is why at 64keys we prefer to speak of the 'Human Design Matrix'. This is the mathematical matrix that results from the calculation methodology and is represented in the Body Graph or Resource Force Field. We feel it is important that any interpretation of this matrix, as is done by the Human Design System in terms of strategy and inner authority, is also presented as an interpretation and hypothesis.

Questions regarding 64keys

What is 64keys?

64keys is a web-based Human Design software. It is designed for professional use in coaching and consulting. 64keys has been developed in Austria by a group of business and HR consultants since 2012. In 2016 64keys was made available to the public. In 2023 a FREE version was launched in addition to the paid versions. 64keys is available in German, English and Spanish.

Why do some texts in 64keys differ from classic human design texts?

64keys is so successful as a HumanDesign software because the sometimes very mystical texts of the Human Design System have been 'translated' into a language that is easy to understand. 64keys focuses mainly on people's strengths and describes their weaknesses as lovable shadows. Because everyone is okay the way they are. The main goal of this matrix is self-love, relaxed serenity and the willingness to evolve into an authentic self.

64keys does not use the "not-self concept" from the Human Design System - why?

The human brain has great difficulty processing the words "not" or "don't". That's why brain researchers think that instead of saying "don't tread on grass," for example, it's better to say "use sidewalks." We also think that it is more successful to positively reinforce people in their "self" than to make them afraid of a fictitious "not-self." Deconditioning works much better by "positively overwriting" old behavior than by trying to avoid negativity in hopes of deleting it. Deletion does not work in a healthy brain. Overwriting with something new and better, however, works very effectively. So 64keys encourages authentic behavior rather than fighting inauthentic behavior.

Why does 64keys have different names for the Human Design types?

Since 64keys is also used in the corporate context, the type designations "generator", "projector" etc. seemed to us to be insufficiently meaningful. In our experience, the terms „builder", "specialist", "coordinator", "intiator" and "observer" are better suited to resonate with people because they are more meaningful. Of course, you can also use the classic type designations in your work. In 64keys both designations are given.

What is the goal of 64keys?

64keys is a tool for professionals. The goal in designing 64keys was to make this wonderful matrix available for professional use by coaches and consultants in a first class way, both visually and in terms of content. In addition, with 64keys-FREE, we want to make this matrix as accessible as possible and free of charge for people who only use Human Design privately as a hobby.

Why was 64keys designed?

The founder of the Human Design system "Ra Uru Hu" planned to develop a new, more professional Human Design software for the years after 2012. Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly in 2011 before he could realise this project. 64keys is the fulfilment of this unfinished wish.

Who are the creators of 64keys?

Nicole and Andreas Ebhart came to Human Design in 2004 and met Ra Uru Hu in 2005. They were among his students in 2006 when he started teaching BG5 (Penta and OC16) and the areas of the matrix below the lines (PHS etc). In 2006 they produced the film "Encounter with the Voice" with Ra Uru Hu. After Ra's death in 2012, together with other Human Design consultants, they founded 64keys Media GmbH with the aim of continuing Ra's work and developing the world's best, most user-friendly and comprehensive Human Design software.

May I use images and texts outside of 64keys?

Please also read our terms and conditions: - there we explain that you are allowed to do so if you leave the texts or images unchanged and add a source citation. e.g. source: or © Copying 64keys texts from 64keys for use in other software is not allowed and will be prosecuted by us under copyright and competition law.

Does 64keys have an affiliate or partner program?

We made the fundamental decision years ago not to offer an affiliate programme. That's why we are all the more pleased that so many users recommend 64keys to others, not because of a financial incentive, but out of honest enthusiasm.

Why does 64keys software cost more than other apps?

64keys is THE premium human design software for professionals. If you are serious about this wonderful matrix, you can't afford to use cheap software or apps that provide incorrect calculations or will be out of the market tomorrow. 64keys meets the highest standards when it comes to the security of your data, the accuracy and validity of the calculations, the range of functions, the user-friendliness and the 24/7 support in 3 languages. And, no other human design software offers such detailed analysis and descriptive texts. Our aesthetic and professional standards, should also allow you to let your clients look over your shoulder. Of course, offering all this costs money.

Will the prices for using 64keys change in the future?

Because the number of 64keys users is constantly increasing, it has been possible to keep the prices of 64keys accounts unchanged since 2016 - despite high inflation. We want to keep the prices the same, which means that 64keys will not only get better over time, but also cheaper.

Why can I pay only in € Euro?

64keys has been developed in Europe. As we pay all our costs in Euros, we offer our services in Euros only. This is transparent and you can always convert the price in your local currency using the daily exchange rate.

Do I sign up for a subscription with 64keys?

No, you only pay for what you actively order. 64keys will never charge you for anything that you have not actively ordered and paid for yourself. You have our word on that. For security reasons, 64keys does not store any of your payment or credit card information.

Do I need to cancel anything if I don't want to renew feature upgrades?

No, booked feature extensions do not renew automatically, but simply expire until you actively renew them again. Therefore you never need to cancel anything in 64keys.

How can I delete my 64keys account?

If you no longer wish to use your 64keys account, please let us know by sending an email to We will then immediately delete your account, including any records you have created. However, due to legal retention periods, we cannot immediately delete order information and invoices that have been issued to you. For accounts that have not been used for more than 6 months, we will assume that they are no longer needed. Such accounts may therefore be deleted by us at any time.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have technical questions about the 64keys software or the media library, please write us at or use the support button in your 64keys account.

Questions about 64keys software

Why can't I sign up with a one-time/disposable/trash email address?

Because these email addresses are only valid for a short time, the "forgot password function" would not work with such an email. Therefore, please use your real email address for registration. This also helps us to verify your identity.

Why do I have to disclose my identity to work with 64keys?

64keys Media GmbH processes data on behalf of its customers. This data processing is subject to laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. In order to comply with the law, we, as the data processor, must of course know the identity of our contractual partners. This means that we are entitled to deactivate your account if your identity cannot be verified or if you do not wish to disclose your identity to us.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

There is a "Forgot password" function below the login fields. You will need to know your username to use this feature. If you can't remember your username, you can contact our support.

How can I change my password?

You should change your password about every 6 months. Please use the "Forgot password" function under the login fields.

How secure is my data with 64keys?

64keys is hosted in a professional data centre on our own servers. Highest security standards and daily backups make 64keys as secure as your online banking. When you choose a strong password, only you have access to your data. For security reasons, 64keys does not store any of your payment details.

If I am using 64keys as a company, I need a data processing agreement. Where can I get this?

On the terms and conditions page in your 64keys account, you can download your data processing agreement with 64keys as a pdf file. According to GDPR, you need this DP Agreement if you use the services of 64keys as an entrepreneur or commercially. Simply download, fill out, print, sign and file.

Can I change my username?

No, your chosen username (recommended in the format "firstname.lastname") cannot be changed and will always be the same for your account. This is because all your data and access rights are linked to your username.

What happens when a 12-month feature extension expires?

Your account will revert to a FREE account again. This gives you unlimited access to all your data and any 64keys analyses you have purchased. As soon as you need more features, you can activate them again by purchasing a feature extension.

Can I upgrade to a higher account version during the term of a feature upgrade?

Yes, you can do this at any time. We will credit you with the unused time from your previous feature extension. So you won't lose a cent. You can find all the information about your upgrade credit on a daily basis under the "Account" button in 64keys.

Will there be new features in 64keys in the future?

As new knowledge and applications emerge, 64keys is constantly testing and implementing new software features. We are particularly excited about deciphering the relationship between the 64 hexagrams and the 64 codons of our DNA. This is a broad field of research that could yield important new insights in the coming years. These will then be incorporated into the software. If you have any special requests for enhancements to the software, please write to our support.

Tropical versus siderial calculation?

You will never find a siderial calculation variant of the charts in 64keys. There is only one correct calculation of a chart and it refers to the "tropical" calculation. So it was transmitted by "the voice" and taught by Ra. Other methods of calculation do not make any sense.

Can I also individualize the PDF generated in 64keys?

Yes, please fill in the 3 fields in the User-Pref. The information in these fields will be used from the basic version of 64keys in the footers of all pdf files you create and on the last page of the FFA.

Is there an API (application interface) to embed 64keys charts into my website?

Since such a service would be difficult to offer GDPR compliant, we do not do that as 64keys. But there are some providers outside the EU that care less about the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) and offer this for around $500/year. But anyone who integrates such a service into their website within the EU is in violation of the GDPR, because it is not declared where (outside the EU) the data is processed and then stored. Therefore, it is usually not possible for a user of such a service to request a deletion of his stored data in compliance with the GDPR.

Why is there no smartphone app from 64keys?

64keys is software for professionals. The features of 64keys are so sophisticated that it would be difficult to present them clearly in an app. But of course, 64keys can also be used on a smartphone. Of course, it is more fun on a larger screen. Starting with an iPad Mini, it works comfortably, but with a 4K monitor, the fun is undiminished - even with extensive line-ups.

What language versions of 64keys are available?

64keys is available in English, German and Spanish, fully and carefully translated by human design savy translators. If you want to use 64keys in another language, please turn on your browser's translation feature or use the great translations from for individual texts. Of course, the translations of the texts will not be as perfect as in the language versions translated by Human Design experts, because automatic translation functions can never use the special Human Design wording.

Can I use all language versions with one account?

Yes, you can switch language versions at any time from the start page. You can also change or specify the language in which you prefer to use 64keys in your User Preferences. Once purchased, you can download written force field analyses or GeniusReports in all available languages (EN, DE, ES) at no extra cost.

Can I cancel a purchase I have made in 64keys?

There is no legal right of return or cancellation for electronic services that are customised for you. Therefore, please consider your purchase and review the sample analyses so that you know the scope and content of 64keys analyses. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact our support team. We will always try to find simpler and more accommodating solutions than the law requires.

Questions about the Media Library

How was the 64keys media library created?

Nicole and Andreas Ebhart taught Human Design in seminars and trainings from 2008 to 2016. In 2015, they decided to use their experience from these trainings to create training videos in order to provide more people in the German-speaking world with in-depth training. It took until 2019 to design and record the nearly 300 videos that now make up the 64keys media library (available in German only). No other Human Design training comes close to this in terms of quality and depth. This is also because the Ebharts learned directly from Ra Uru Hu.

Will there be an education in the Media Library in other languages than German?

We are sorry to say no. You can find some of Ra Uru Hu's classes in the 64keys media library. For English speaking 64keys users, Nicole Ebhart holds monthly online classes. For full training there are many good teachers worldwide. If you like 64keys, please choose a teacher who knows and uses 64keys.

Questions about the application of Human Design

Can I get rich and successful by knowing my design?

Of course you can become rich and successful at any time if you really want to. With or without Human Design. The Human Design Matrix can help you to find out which path to success or which success is authentic for you. Being able to be yourself authentically - in self-love - is the only realistic value proposition of Human Design. Wanting to be rich is pupertarian kid stuff and just the carrot in front of your nose that continues to condition you to not be able to be yourself. No truly rich person got rich because they wanted to get rich. They got rich because they followed their passions and talents (usually without even thinking about money). By the way, to be rich is not to have everything, but to lack nothing. When you look at your chart with self-love and realise with a smile that "nothing is missing", this is an important step towards true wealth. No one who truly understands the Human Design Matrix will promise you that you will make more money if you take a Human Design course.

Can I make a living from Human Design consulting?

If you are already involved in coaching, therapy or business counselling, using the Human Design Matrix is a great way to enhance your work. If you just want to offer Human Design readings, with no previous experience in these areas and no existing client base, it can be a nice extra income, but it may not be able to support you on its own. It's best to combine the use of the Human Design Matrix with your existing core competencies.

Questions about the GeniusReport

What is the GeniusReport®?

The Human Design Matrix is very multi-layered and complex. With the GeniusReport®, 64keys has created a written analysis that can be used without any prior knowledge. The GeniusReport® has proven itself in coaching and recruiting around the world, regardless of culture, because the statements it contains are coherent and largely self-explanatory. GeniusReport® is a worldwide registered trademark of 64keys Media GmbH.

Is there training avaiable to be able to use the GeniusReport® in the best possible way?

Yes, there are GeniusReport® user seminars offered by various GeniusReport® trainers in many languages. More information on