How it all began:

"Are you ready to work?" is the question posed by a mystical voice to a Canadian dropout who has been living in the forests of Ibiza since 1983. Robert Alan Krakower, who calls himself "Ra Uru Hu" after this eight-day voice experience, would actually like to return to his - more or less - "normal" life at first. But the knowledge that was transmitted to him does not let him go. In 1989 he begins to tell and teach what he was taught and shown.

Human Design Software 64keys
Human Design Background Ra Uru Hu

A fascinating knowledge starts spreading

If it had only been the drug intoxication of a freak, the thing would probably have disappeared from the world again quite quickly. But the knowledge fascinates many people and proves its substance and relevance in an impressive way. Tirelessly, Ra Uru Hu travels the world between 1991 and 2011, recounting the incredible facets of the knowledge he calls the "Human Design System".

How 64keys came about:

In 2004, the Viennese personnel consultant Nicole Ebhart and her husband, the management consultant Andreas Ebhart, came across the Human Design System. Soon after, the two travelled to Ibiza to visit Ra and learn to apply Human Design in depth over the following years. In 2006 they produced the film "Encounter with the Voice" with Ra Uru Hu. In 2008 they began to teach Human Design in Austria and Germany. When Ra passed away in 2011, the two knew that it would now be up to them to develop a professional counselling software.

Human Design Software 64keys
Human Design Software 64keys

And then everything happened very quickly

Supported by consultant friends and business angels, the story of 64keys began for the Ebharts in 2012. Initially as exclusive software for a select group of coaches and business consultants, a lot of consulting know-how flowed into the design of 64keys. In 2016, 64keys was then opened to all Human Design users and quickly became the world's leading software for professional Human Design Consultants. Between 2015 and 2019, the production of the most comprehensive Human Design training in video form for the German 64keys Media Library followed.

Further information

On the website you will find a lot more information, workshop offers, links to 64keys experts and much more. Facebook Group "64keys User Group English" is used by 64keys users to exchange information. To join the conversation or ask questions, simply join the group.

Genius Report

The GeniusReport The GeniusReport is an analysis of your talents, potentials and personality based on the 64keys software. You can create your GeniusReport on the website